Friday, 20 June 2014


This is the last episode in a series which concentrates on the lives and careers of famous British duettists, Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth, and of my association with them. It was based on my book, Sweethearts of Song: A Personal Memoir of Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth available with my other books in My Bookstore
  I can hardly believe that it is thirty years since a friend phoned to tell me that she had heard of Webster’s death on News About Britain on BBC World Service. I had known that he was ill, but it still came as a shock to hear that my beloved friend had died in Penrhyn Bay, Llandudno at the age of 82. I think this is a fitting day on which to present my final podcast in this series. These podcasts have largely been created for members of my Webster Booth-Anne Ziegler Yahoo group, the 78rpm Community, and the AZ-WB fan pages on Facebook, but I am very glad that they have reached a wider audience who appreciate the singing of Webster and Anne and other artistes of their generation.

In this episode you will hear the voices of Anne and Webster, and some of Webster’s favourites – Dundee pianist, Fred Hartley, Australian bass baritone Peter Dawson, Australian baritone, Harold Williams, soprano Isobel Baillie and his favourite tenor, Jussi Bjorling.

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Orchestral selection from The Three Musketeers (Friml)

Because (Guy d’Hardelot) Webster Booth with orchestra conducted by Clifford Greenwood. The recording was made in May 1939, B8920

Still as the Night (Carl Bohm) (arranged by Doris Arnold) Webster Booth and Anne Ziegler, with orchestra conducted by Eric Robinson. Recorded on 22 December 1947. HMV B9627

The Floral Dance (Katie Moss) Peter Dawson HMV C1313

Bonnie Dundee medley, Fred Hartley

Love’s Philosophy (Delius) Isobel Baillie, with accompaniment by Gerald Moore. Recorded in 1945.

Here in the Quiet Hills (Gerald Carne) Webster Booth and Anne Ziegler, with orchestra conducted by Eric Robinson. 1950. HMV B9830

Jeannie with the Light Brown Hair, Jussi Bjorling

Macushla (MacMurrough) Webster Booth, with orchestra concducted by Clifford Greenwood. Recorded in September 1939. HMV B8968.

Lords of the Air, sung by Harold Williams, recorded 1941

Phil, the Fluter’s Ball (Percy French) Webster Booth, with accompaniment by Gerald Moore, December 1940. HMV B9123

Jeannie Collen 21 June 2014.