Sunday, 3 January 2021

WEBSTER BOOTH & ANNE ZIEGLER: Excerpts from Gramophone & Discography compiled by JEAN COLLEN.


Webster Booth and Anne Ziegler: Excerpts from 'Gramophone' & Discography" was first published in 2009. It was made up of articles and reviews about the recordings made by Webster Booth and Anne Ziegler (1929 to the present). In this new edition in 2020, the discography section has been updated and includes an almost complete discography of their solo and duet recordings. Webster Booth made a number of recordings with the HMV Light Opera Company, and some recordings with companies other than HMV.

Thanks to the I have even discovered recordings made by HMV which were never released. I am grateful to John Rogers, a member of the Webster Booth-Anne Ziegler Appreciation Group on Facebook for giving me access to his list of B recordings on HMV which include recording dates, release dates, and dates of deletion.

I had intended to publish this updated discography on but the format for publishing there has changed and I have no idea how to "embed fonts" so I have chosen to place the file here instead. You may download it from the link above. Please let me know if you download the PDF and what you think about it. 

The final edition of the discography of Anne Ziegler and Webster Booth.

Jean Collen 18 December 2020.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Sunday, 29 March 2015


Podcast for Christmas 2015, featuring Rawicz and Landauer, Maurice Elwin, Webster Booth and Anne Ziegler. Presented by Jean Collen for:The Golden Age of Webster Booth-Anne Ziegler and Friends on Facebook.

Webster Booth presented this programme in 1961. I have managed to find most of the original recordings used in it. On Wings of Song - Christmas 1961

Jean Collen (11 December 2015)

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Memories of Webster Booth and Anne Ziegler (Final)

This is the final episode of my podcasts about Webster Booth and Anne Ziegler.It is done to commemorate the 113th anniversary of the birth of Webster Booth on 21st January 1902 in Soho Road, Handsworth. I am publishing it a week early as South Africa is having problems with its electricity grid! We might be in the dark by the 21st January 2015!

The Yahoo group has closed, but there is a vibrant Webster Booth-Anne Ziegler group on Facebook. Please join it! WEBSTER BOOTH-ANNE ZIEGLER FACEBOOK GROUP